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ZGB-103: Zigbee Hands-On - Forming and Joining

This material is 4 of 7 in the Zigbee 100 - Software Boot Camp.

The Zigbee Software Boot Camp is a one-day training that helps beginners quickly ramp up, building a strong Zigbee foundation through a workshop format.


The hands-on Zigbee "forming and joining" workshop will review how to build a Light and Switch device from scratch, form a centralized network on the Light node and join the Switch to the network using install code.

These exercises help you get familiar with Zigbee 3.0 in the EmberZNet Stack, Simplicity Studio v4 development environment, and the Wireless Start Kit (WSTK) with EFR32MG12 SoC. We assume that you have a WSTK and the following software (Simplicity Studio and EmberZnet SDK).

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