Smart Interface Controller ICs

Enable quick and effective communications with our world-class, high-performance interface devices.

Using our world-class design expertise, we’ve created a family of interface devices to help you differentiate products and speed time-to-market. These mixed-signal IC products span different technologies and standards to enable quick and effective communication between two devices or functionalities.

  USB Bridges Digital Audio Bridges Touch LCD Controllers
USB Full Speed Full Speed
UART 1 to 4 1
I2C Up to 1 I2C Slave Up to 1 I2C Slave 400 kHz I2C Master
I2S 1 40 Wire SPI
Capacitive Sense 7-13 Channels
LCD Up to 128 Segments
GPIO 4-7 GPIO/O 8 I/O 7 GPIO 20-36 GPIO
Featured Product CP2102N CP2615 CPT212B CP240x
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