MSRP $54.83

EZRadio Si4455 434 MHz Two-Way Sub-GHz Key Fob to LED Development Kit

Silicon Labs Si4455 EZRadio Two Way Link Dev Kit contains everything you need to familiarize yourself with and evaluate the Si4455 Sub-GHz transceiver for the 434 MHz frequency band. The key features of the kit include four LEDs to display information and four push-buttons to receive user commands. The demo boards come with the Si4455 range test demo application. The range test demo implements the Packet Error Rate (PER) measurement. PER is a commonly-used technique for measuring the quality of RF links in wireless systems under particular conditions.

MSRP $54.83


Two-way Key Fob to LED Contents:

  • (2) Si4455 RFStick
  • (2) ToolStick Base Adapter
  • (4) AAA Battery

Step 1: Download 8-bit Microcontroller Studio

These tools help develop, download, and debug firmware to the 8051/EFM8 8-bit MCU devices. Now includes an unlimited Keil® PK51 Professional Developer's Kit! 

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