MSRP $409.81

EZRadioPRO Si4438 490 MHz Wireless Development Kit

The Si4438 development kit provides the tools necessary to evaluate using the Si4438 EZRadioPRO® low-current RF transceiver operating at the 490 MHz frequency.

The kit is based on a C8051F930 motherboard (WMB-F930-PDK) and RF radio boards. The WMB-F930-PDK provides a standalone demonstration and software development platform for EZRadioPRO wireless devices.

MSRP $409.81


Si4438 Development Kit Contents:

  • (2) C8051F930 Motherboards
  • (2) Si4483 490 MHz Test Cards
  • (2) C8051F930 MCU Cards
  • (2) 490 MHz Antennas
  • (2) USB mini cables
  • (4) AA batteries
  • EZRadioPRO Development Kit User's Guide

Step 1: Download 8-bit Microcontroller Studio

These tools help develop, download, and debug firmware to the 8051/EFM8 8-bit MCU devices. Now includes an unlimited Keil® PK51 Professional Developer's Kit! 

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