MSRP $208.50

Bluegiga DKBT Bluetooth Development Kit

The DKBT Bluetooth Smart Ready Development Kit provides the proper environment for developing and prototyping Bluetooth Smart Ready applications. The kit contains a ready-to-use hardware platform and a Bluetooth Smart Ready Software Development Kit including all the necessary documentation and PC tools.

MSRP $208.50


DKBT Development Kit Contents:

  • DKBT evaluation board
    • UART-to-USB converter
    • 5 software programmable buttons and LEDs
    • Display (SPI)
    • 3-axis accelerometer
    • Altimeter/temperature sensor
    • Potentimeter
    • IO headers
    • AAA battery holder
  • BT121 Bluetooth Smart Module carrier board
  • USB cable
  • AAA battery
  • Documentation

Bluetooth Smart Stack Includes:

  • A Bluetooth Smart Ready stack
  • SPP, iAP2, GATT over BR Bluetooth BR/EDR profiles
  • Any Bluetooth Smart GATT based profile
  • BGAPI™ serial protocol for applications with separate host (MCU)
  • BGScript™ scripting language for standalone applications
  • Profile Toolkit™ for Bluetooth Smart profile development

Bluetooth Smart Ready SDK Contains:

  • BGAPI, BGScript and BGLIB documentation
  • BGScript development tools
  • BGLIB C source code
  • Profile Toolkit
  • BGScript and BGLIB examples
  • Documentation

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