MSRP $499.00

EFR32MG Zigbee and Thread Starter Kit

The EFR32MG Wireless Starter Kit includes Zigbee and Thread software stacks, sample code and integrated debug adapter. The kit also includes support for Bluetooth low energy (LE). Multiple radio boards enable developers to create a mesh network and evaluate EFR32MG SoCs and Modules.

With the supporting Simplicity Studio suite of tools, developers can take advantage of graphical wireless application development; mesh networking debug and packet trace; and visual energy profiling and optimization.

MSRP $499.00


Kit Contents

  • 3 x Wireless starter kit mainboard
  • 3 x EFR32MG12 2.4 GHz 19 dBm radio board
  • 3 x EFR32MG12 2.4 GHz 10 dBm radio board
  • AA Battery Board (supports running +19 from battery)
  • Cables
  • EFR32MG Getting Started Card

Kit Features

  • Included devices:  EFR32MG12P432F1024GL125
  • Modular design supports different radio boards
  • Expansion header allows easy expansion
  • Integrated debug
  • Packet Trace support on both Ethernet and USB connections
  • Coin cell support
  • Supports AEM (Advanced Energy Monitor) for battery measurement and Energy Profiler

Simplicity Studio Features

  • Energy Profiler
  • Network Analyzer
  • AppBuilder

Zigbee Development


Step 1: Download and Install Simplicity Studio Version 5

Get up and running quickly with precompiled demos, application notes, and examples. Use advanced tools including energy profiling to optimize your MCU application. Choose your software package below.

Step 2: Plug in Your Kit and Use Simplicity Studio to Install the EmberZNet SDK

After plugging in your kit, launch Simplicity Studio and Open Package Manager in the left upper corner (green downward arrow under the menu bar). Select the desired stacks and download them. Visit the package manager regularly for updates.

Step 3: Read the Quick Start Guide

Download the Quick Start Guide and follow the instructions to lean how to get started.

Step 4: (Optional) Download Additional Protocol SDKs

Thread Development


Step 1: Install Software

Option 1 (Recommended - OpenThread)

Silicon Labs proudly contributes to the OpenThread Foundation for the connected home. OpenThread is an opensource implementation of Thread® and has become the preferred variant for the Thread community.

To learn more about the Silicon Labs OpenThread stack solution from the GitHub repositories:

EFR32MG12 – Click Here

EFR32MG21 – Click Here


Option 2 (For Existing SLThread Customers Only)

For existing customers, the deprecated SLThread implementation of Thread® will continue to be supported by Simplicity Studio until the End-of Service dates expire as indicated in the deprecation section of the SLThread release note documents.

a) Download SLThread release note documents

b) Download Simplicity Studio for free tools and examples

Radio Boards Select Columns
Select Columns
Radio Boards Included Device Flash RAM Output Power (dBm) BLE Bluetooth 5 Bluetooth Mesh Zigbee Thread Proprietary Sub-GHz Proprietary 2.4 GHz
Included Device: SI4468
1024 128 19
1024 256 10
1024 256 19
1024 256 19
1024 256 19
1024 256 19
512 64 19
512 64 19

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