MSRP $49.00

xGM210PB Wireless Gecko 2.4 GHz +20 dBm Radio Board with Secure Vault

The SLWRB4308C radio board with Secure Vault is available to evaluate and develop with the +20 dBm TX power variant of the MGM210PB and BGM210PB modules.

Together with a WSTK mainboard, the Gecko SDK suite, and the Simplicity Studio IDE, the SLWRB4308C offers a powerful embedded development platform with the hardware and software required to develop highly secure IoT applications based on xGM210PB modules.

Users need to ensure that the module on the radio board is programmed with SE firmware v1.2.4 or newer.

This radio board cannot be used stand-alone and requires a wireless mainboard which can be purchased separately.

MSRP $49.00

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Included Device Flash RAM Output Power (dBm) Secure Vault BLE Bluetooth 5 Bluetooth Mesh Zigbee Thread
1024 96 20 Yes

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