MSRP $201.56

Si4010/Si4355 915 MHz Key Fob Development Kit

The Silicon Labs' Si4010 RF SoC transmitter and Si4355 sub-GHz receiver key fob development platform is a flexible platform for comfortably developing software and testing the whole system using the Silicon Labs software development IDE for the 915 MHz frequency band. The platform also allows programming of the NVM on chip.

MSRP $201.56



  • Si4010 Battery Key Fob Development Board
  • (2) Si4010 Key Fob Demo Board w/out IC
  • Si4355 RFStick
  • ToolStick Base Adapter
  • Burning Adapter Board
  • Programming Interface Board
  • Socketed Development Board
  • CR2032 3 V Coin Battery
  • Key Fob Plastic Case
  • USB Debug Adapter
  • (2) AAA Battery
  • USB Cable
  • (3) ICs

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