IoT Software Longevity Policy

Silicon Labs strives to provide consistent and predictable guidelines for the availability of software support for its IoT products.

The software support lifecycle described below pertains to the Silicon Labs’ Software Development Kits (SDK) and supporting tool framework. These guidelines are subject to change based on factors outside of Silicon Labs’ control, including those related to the nature of the evolving IoT landscape and its broad scope.

Release Nomenclature

Release Cadence

Major and minor software releases are generally published on a bi-annual cadence with patch releases typically released on a monthly cadence and depending on the nature of the change.

Software Support Lifecycle

Status information pertaining to specific releases may be available on the Software Release Information Page.

Release Status Criteria
  • There is only one active release per software product
  • The most recent software publication as defined by major.minor.patch
    •  eg. version 2.12.0
  • Active releases are eligible for maintenance
    •  Patch releases are represented by incremented patch numbering with the new head of release being a greater patch-revision than the previous.
      •      eg. version 2.12.1, ......, 2.12.x (max. 5 per active release)
    •  A preceding patch version is automatically retired and considered frozen and further bug fixes will only be applied to the current head of release.
  • Eligible for standard bug and security patching
    •  Available to the existing Major.Minor Active Release
    •  Less than 12 months old
    •  Bug fixes performed to the head release of that product.
  • Eligible for limited patching
    •  Available to the existing Major.Minor Active Release and its preceding Major.Minor Release
    •  Aged beyond 12 months but is still less than 24 months
    •  Limited to critical software incidents and security vulnerabilities as deemed by the PSIRT committee
  • These products are either
    •  Older than 24 months
    •  Superseded by a patch release
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