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Wi-Fi for IoT Technology Training

Our Wi-Fi for IoT training series will help build the development skills needed to connect your Bluetooth, Zigbee, Thread, Z-Wave, or Matter applications and devices.

Interactive Wi-Fi for IoT Training Series

Our Wi-Fi for IoT technology series explores how Wi-Fi has evolved to deliver on power requirements, size, security, and coexistence needed for today’s feature-packed designs and how our offering of modules, SoCs, software, and development tools provide a system-level approach to application design.

Register to watch the sessions live at 10:00 AM CT/16:00 CET or catch the sessions on-demand.

Wi-Fi Tech Talks Schedule

March 30, 2023

Fast Track Your Wi-Fi 6 Device Certification

April 27, 2023

Design With Our New Multiprotocol Wi-Fi Module

May 25, 2023

Building Smart Home Devices with Always-On Wi-Fi 6

June 22, 2023

Developing Wi-Fi 6 Sensors Using SiWx917 and Matter

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