The ZM5202AE-CME3R module combines a Z-Wave SD3502 SoC with a built-in microcontroller and Z-Wave RF transceiver, crystal, and passive RF components, which makes it ideal for single microcontroller products, such as lighting and sensors. The ZM5202AE-CME3R's small footprint, integrated crystal, and passive RF components support single microcontroller Z-Wave solutions for basic applications. The ZM5202AE-CME3R module addresses the need for increasingly user-friendly and feature-rich Home Control applications by providing __sl:flash__ kB Flash and __sl:ram__ kB SRAM. The ZM5202AE-CME3R provides hardware-assisted frequency agility, enabling the module to switch away from a noisy channel without communication or software overhead. The very-low sleep current of the ZM5202AE-CME3R addresses the growing need for longer battery life, allowing existing Z-Wave products to experience up to double the battery life of current products.

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Sensitivity (dBm)
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