Wireless Xpress Modules BGX220

End Of Life: The End of Life (EOL) and Last Time Buy (LTB) has been announced for the BGX220. In its place we recommend the Lyra Series from Laird Connectivity.

Bluetooth Xpress BGX220 Bluetooth 5 modules integrate our BGM220 modules with an onboard Bluetooth stack, Xpress command interface and pre-programmed cable replacement firmware to deliver a serial to Bluetooth 5 solution that requires no firmware development. With an integrated antenna, RF certifications and built-in cloud connectivity for secure updates through the Xpress framework for iOS and Android app development, Wireless Xpress BGX220 enables wireless communication with smartphones and other Bluetooth Xpress devices while addressing every challenge point in Bluetooth development, from device to cloud.

Bluetooth 5 solution
Fastest Time-to-Market
Bluetooth Low Energy to
UART and I²C bridge

BGX220 Common Specs

  • Bluetooth 5 radio with +8 programmable output power
  • 1M, 2M, and Coded* PHY
  • Achieves 200 m line-of-sight range
  • UART and I²C Interfaces
  • 8 additional pins configurable as GPIO or special function I/O
  • Operates in peripheral role using Xpress streaming service for smart phone communication
  • Maximum baud rate: 2M baud
  • Maximum throughput: 1000 kbit/s
  • Functions as central to enable communication with other Bluetooth Xpress modules
  • Includes Precision Low Frequency Oscillator meeting BLE Sleep Clock accuracy requirements and removing the need for an external crystal.
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Part Number Antenna BLE 5.2 Dimensions (mm) TX Power (dBm) RX Sensitivity (dBm) CPU Core
Built-in 12.9 x 15.0 x 2.2 8 -98.9 ARM Cortex-M33
Built-in 6 x 6 x 1.1 6 -98.9 ARM Cortex-M33

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