Si3239x Analog Interface ProSLIC®

The Si32391 is a single channel analog interface SLIC solution and the Si32392 is a dual channel analog interface SLIC. The Si3239x SLICs are ideal for customer premise equipment, such as voice-over-IP-embedded multimedia terminal adaptors (EMTAs) and GPON or EPON optical network terminal (ONT) gateways. Each device’s ringing and dc feed voltages are designed to support short and medium loop lengths with a battery supply voltage rating of up to –136 V. Additionally, they enable key line-test functions for remote diagnostics.

Analog dual FXS
For select Broadcom SoCs
QFN package
6 x 6 mm

Si3239x Common Specs

  • Monolithic high-voltage subscriber line interface circuit
  • Supports BORSCHT functions
  • Advanced GR-909 line test and diagnostic support
  • Optimized for short and medium loop applications
  • Supports wideband (50 Hz–7 kHz) and narrowband (200 Hz–3.4 kHz) audio codecs for enhanced audio quality as well as standard telephony audio compatibility
  • Supports polarity reversal and ground start
  • Built-in thermal overload protection
  • Integrated test loads
  • Programmable and trimmable DC Open Circuit Voltage
  • Programmable DC Loop Current
  • Low-power standby operation
  • Supports both balanced ringing and low-power ringing (LPR)
  • Pb-free and ROHS-compliant
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Part Number Host Interface # FXS Channel # FXO Channel Max V Battery Wideband DTMF Detection Pulse Metering Daisy-chain Mode Smart Ringing dc-dc Options * Package Type Package Size (mm)
Analog 1 0 -136 Broadcom QFN48 6x6
Analog 2 0 -136 Broadcom QFN48 6x6

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