Si3229x Next Generation Dual-Channel ProSLIC®

The Si3229x dual-channel ProSLIC subscriber line interface circuit (SLIC) device supports up to 55 Vrms + 48 Vdc offset and 5 REN load with the lowest BOM cost using patented 7.6 W low-cost capacitive ultra-boost dc-dc tracking controllers. Low-cost inductors with capacitance boost dc-dc replaces transformer based flyback dc-dc designs often used in 7.6 W cable applications. Power efficiency is improved with patented low-power ringing (LPR) and energy-friendly smart ringing that can save power adapter cost in two channel applications.

A selectable digital interface enables the system architect to interface with the SoC via a standard PCM/SPI digital interface or our three-wire integrated serial interface (ISI).

Newest dual FXS
For high voltage applications
QFN package
8 x 8 mm

Si3229x Common Specs

  • Single-chip dual-channel FXS solution
  • 8 mm x 8 mm QFN package enables small board area
  • Patented low-cost ultra-boost capacitive tracking dc-dc controller
    • Reduced BOM cost vs. other tracking or shared supplies in the industry
  • Ultra-low power consumption (50mW on hook per channel)
  • Patented low-power ringing
  • Smart ringing reduces peak current with 2 channel ringing (Si32295/7)
  • Global programmability
  • Simplified configuration and diagnostics supported by SimpleVoice API
  • Ringing frequency, amplitude, cadence, and waveshape
  • Transhybrid balance
  • DC current loop feed (10–45 mA)
  • Loop closure and ring trip thresholds
  • Ground key detection threshold
  • Integrated test load
  • Wideband voice support
  • On-hook transmission
  • Loop or ground start operation
  • DTMF detection option (Si32291/3/5/7)
  • DTMF generation
  • Pulse metering
  • -140 V Max Vbat
  • 3.3 V operation
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Part Number Host Interface # FXS Channel # FXO Channel Max V Battery Wideband DTMF Detection Pulse Metering Daisy-chain Mode Smart Ringing dc-dc Options * Package Type Package Size (mm)
ISI 2 0 -140 LCUB QFN68 8x8
ISI 2 0 -140 LCUB QFN68 8x8
PCM/SPI 2 0 -140 LCUB QFN68 8x8
PCM/SPI 2 0 -140 LCUB QFN68 8x8
ISI 2 0 -140 LCUB QFN68 8x8
PCM/SPI 2 0 -140 LCUB QFN68 8x8

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*LCUB (Low-Cost Ultra-Boost)

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