Si3219x Next Generation Single-Channel ProSLIC®

The Si3219x single-channel ProSLIC subscriber line interface circuit (SLIC) devices deliver the lowest power consumption, smallest footprint, highest level of programmability, and lowest cost bill of materials in the industry. Unmatched power efficiency is achieved using patented on-chip intelligent dc-dc controller, patented low-power ringing (LPR), and a very low-power on-hook mode. This product utilizes our three-wire integrated serial interface (ISI) that encodes both control and audio information on a single data stream to the host processor.

QFN package
Industry's smallest 4 x 6 mm
Host interface
3 Wire ISI

Si3219x Common Specs

  • Single-chip single-channel FXS solution
  • 4 mm x 6 mm QFN package enables small board area
  • Patent-pending low-cost capacitive boost tracking dc-dc controller
    • Reduced BOM cost vs. other tracking or shared supplies in the industry
  • Ultra-low power consumption (50mW on hook)
  • Patented low-power ringing
  • Three-wire ISI host interface
  • Global programmability
  • Simplified configuration and diagnostics supported by ProSLIC API
  • Ringing frequency, amplitude, cadence, and waveshape
  • Transhybrid balance
  • DC current loop feed (10–45 mA)
  • Loop closure and ring trip thresholds
  • Ground key detection threshold
  • Integrated test load
  • Wideband voice support
  • On-hook transmission
  • Loop or ground start operation
  • DTMF detection option (Si32193)
  • DTMF generation
  • Pulse metering
  • -100 V Max Vbat
  • 3.3 V operation
  • 1.8 V or 3.3 V I/O without level shifters
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Part Number Host Interface # FXS Channel # FXO Channel Max V Battery Wideband DTMF Detection Pulse Metering Daisy-chain Mode Smart Ringing dc-dc Options * Package Type Package Size (mm)
ISI 1 0 -100 LCCB QFN38 4x6
ISI 1 0 -100 LCCB QFN38 4x6
ISI 1 0 -100 LCCB QFN38 4x6
ISI 1 0 -100 LCCB QFN38 4x6

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*LCCB (Low-Cost Capacitive Boost)

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