TV and Video Solutions

Industry-leading solutions optimized for compact, high-performing, low-power TV and multimedia applications.

Our TV tuner and digital demodulator ICs feature a full portfolio of both single and dual demodulators, addressing common combinations of terrestrial (DVB-T2/T and ISDB-T), cable (DVB-C2/C) and satellite (DVB-S2X/S2/S) standards. Our TV tuners power 9 of the top 10 TV brands and our digital set-top box (STB) tuners are used by the leading manufacturers globally.

  TV and Set Top Box Tuners Digital TV and Satellite Demodulators
Analog TV Support NTSC, PAL/SECAM N/A
Digital TV Support ATSC/QAM, DVB-T2/T/C2/C, ISDB-T/C, DTMB ISDB-T, DVB-T2/C2/S2X/S2/T/C/S
Analog TV Demodulator Support Yes ISOmodem Proprietary PCM
Multiple Channel Bandwidths Support Yes No
High Wi-Fi and LTE immunity Yes Yes
Pin-to-pin compatible with the product family Yes Yes
API compatible with the product family Yes Yes
Reduced BOM and PCB footprint Yes Yes
Featured Product Si2151/41 6th Generation Silicon TV Tuners Si218x/6x Single Digital TV Demodulators
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