Short Lead Times

To help you get to market faster, our timing IC solutions have the shortest lead times in the industry. Once ordered, samples arrive in as little as 2 weeks, eliminating long lead times associated with custom devices. Samples of some devices are available overnight.

All custom devices are available without NRE fees

Get Customized Clocks and Oscillators Fast

Our complete portfolio of industry-leading oscillators, clock generators, clock buffers, and jitter attenuating clocks set a new standard for flexibility, performance and lead time. Leveraging our patented any-frequency DSPLL® and MultiSynth technologies, these timing ICs improve system performance, reduce BOM, minimize board space and simplify system design.

Low-jitter, high-performance, custom samples are available in 2 weeks, and production quantities ship in 4 weeks.

  • Custom Clocks – Specify any combination of input/output frequencies, and build a custom, application-specific clock
  • Custom Oscillators – Specify a custom oscillator and build a part number in minutes.
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