Si5348/83/84/88/89 Network Synchronizer Clocks

Our network synchronizer clocks lead the industry in jitter performance while offering low power consumption and are ideally suited for SyncE/SONET/SDH timing card and pizza box applications, as well as 5G wireless communication systems and data center switches. With up to three integrated DSPLL® devices and small package sizes, these devices reduce complexity and PCB footprint requirements for timing synchronization. Each DSPLL is individually configurable as a SyncE/SONET/SDH PLL, IEEE 1588 DCO with support for 1PPS/1Hz, or a general-purpose PLL for processor or FPGA clocking. Legacy SETS systems can also use these devices to achieve Stratum 3/3E compliance.

Si5388/89 clocks have embedded IEEE 1588 servo loop processing. When combined with the available IEEE 1588 host software stack, it forms a complete IEEE 1588 synchronization solution.

Timing Solution for Xilinx Zynq® UltraScale+™ MPSoC and RFSoC

Input frequency range max
750 MHz
Phase jitter (RMS)
100 fs

Network Synchronizer Clock Common Specs

  • Up to three independent DSPLLs in a single IC supporting flexible SyncE/IEEE 1588 and SETS architectures
  • Si5388/89 clock has embedded IEEE 1588 servo loop processing and when combined with the available IEEE 1588 host software stack, it forms a complete IEEE 1588 synchronization solution.
  • Each DSPLL generates any output frequency from any input frequency
  • Support for 1 PPS/1 Hz input and output frequencies
  • Excellent jitter performance of 100 fs RMS
  • Programmable loop bandwidth per DSPLL as low as 0.001 Hz
  • Synchronous, free-run and holdover modes
  • Automatic/manual hitless switching
  • Status monitoring: LOL, LOS, OOF
  • Pin or software controllable DCO on each DSPLL with resolution to 1 ppt/step
  • Meets the requirements of:
    • ITU-T G.8262.1 (Enhanced SyncE) eEEC
    • ITU-T G.8273.2 T-BC, T-TSC
    • ITU-T G.8262 (SyncE) EEC Options 1 & 2
    • ITU-T G.8262.1ITU-T G.8261
    • ITU-T G.812 Type III, IV, ITU-T G.813 Option1
    • Telcordia GR-1244, GR-253 (Stratum 3/3E)
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Silicon Labs Timing Solution for Xilinx Zynq® Ultrascale+™ MPSoC and RFSoC

The Xilinx® portfolio of Zynq® Ultrascale+™ MPSoC and RFSoC are families of scalable high-performance FPGA’s combined with System-On-Chip product variants allowing customers to address a wide range of applications and system requirements. The Zynq® family of devices utilize innovative technology to deliver lower total power consumption without sacrificing performance.

Xilinx choose Silicon Labs timing devices to support their MPSoC (ZCU102) and RFSoC (ZCU111) evaluation kits due to their flexibility and low jitter/phase noise enabling their customers to achieve industry leading performance with low power consumption.

Visit Xilinx® MPSoC and RFSoC pages to learn more

Silicon Labs Timing Key Features for Xilinx Designs

  • Si5389 Network Synchronizer clock supporting SyncE and IEEETM 1588v2
    • Clock sold with internal IEEE 1588 servo software and protocol stack software software forming a highly integrated IEEETM 1588v2 solution.
    • Meets ITU-T G.8262 (SyncE) Opt 1 & 2, G.8262.1 (eEEC), G.8261, and G.8273.2 (T-BC & T-TSC).
    • Used with either MPSoC or RFSoC
  • Si5388-SW IEEE 1588 Protocol Stack Software
    • The Si5388-SW protocol stack on host processor software is paired with the Si5389 clock with internal IEEE 1588 servo software to form the most integrated IEEE solutions in the industry.
    • Used in conjunction with Si5389 clock with either MPSoC or RFSoC
  • Si5386 Wireless Jitter Attenuator
    • Ultra-low noise design delivers high-performance JESD204B DCLK and SYSREF clock pairs and flexible any-rate clocks for non-CPRI clocks such as Ethernet clocks
    • Used with RFSoC.
  • Si5341 Clock Generator
    • The Ultra-low Jitter clock can synthesize a wide range of integer and non-integer related frequencies with sub-100 fs rms phase jitter performance with 0 ppm error for system reference clocks
    • Used with either MPSoC or RFSoC.
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