Clock Jitter Attenuators

Our clock jitter attenuators generate infinite combinations of low jitter output frequencies from any input frequency. Based on our innovative third generation wireless DSPLL® architecture, these devices simplify clock tree design by replacing multiple clocks and oscillators and minimizing bill of materials count and complexity.

Frequency range
2 kHz to 1.4 GHz
Ultra-low jitter
300 fs RMS

Clock Jitter Attenuator Common Specs

  • Generates any frequency on any output (2 kHz to 1.4 GHz)
  • Ultra-low jitter: 300 fs RMS
  • Integrated loop filter with selectable loop bandwidth
  • Hitless switching with phase buildout (auto/manual)
  • Synchronous and freerun modes
  • Best-in-class PSRR
  • Dynamically reconfigurable output frequency (per output)
  • Fast-lock < 100 ms


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