Si5371/5372 and Si5342H/5344H Coherent Optical Clocks

Si5371/5372 and Si5342H/5344H optical clocks address the needs of coherent optical communications applications. Each low jitter output can be configured as a high speed output (up to 2.75 GHz) or a general clock output (up to 717.5 MHz). The coherent optical clocks leverage 4th generation DSPLL® technology to clean recovered clocks, DCO mode for coherent DSP control via a fast SPI interface and integrated MultiSynth fractional synthesis to support eye-diagram monitors, FEC and MUX/DEMUX clock requirements. Such single-chip integration enables the stringent performance, form-factor and power requirements demanded in 100G/200G/400G line cards and modules.

Output frequency
0.0001 - 2750 MHz
Package size
7x7 mm

Coherent Optical Clock Common Specs

  • Up to 2.75 GHz outputs replace VCSOs and synthesizers
    • Si5372/5371
      • Grade A - external reference (same as Si5344H/42H)
      • Grade J - new integrated reference
        • Better acoustic emissions performance
        • Smaller board area
    • Ultra-low phase jitter:
      • High Speed Integer Mode: ≤ 50 fs-rms typ (1 MHz - 40 MHz)
      • Fractional MultiSynth Mode: ≤ 90 fs-rms typ (12 kHz - 20 MHz)
  • Digitally selectable loop bandwidth for cleaning recovered clocks
  • Digitally controlled oscillator (DCO) with fast SPI interface
  • MultiSynth fractional synthesis for any-frequency clock support
  • Single-chip solution in a small 7x7 mm, QFN44 package or LGA44 (Si5371J or 72J)
  • Si5372/5371: 4-inputs, Si5344H/5342H: 2-inputsSi5372/5344H: 4-outputs,
  • Si5371/5342H: 2-outputs


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