Innovative 4th Generation DSPLL Technology

Silicon Labs invented its patented DSPLL® technology to simplify the clock multiplication and jitter attenuation circuitry required in high-speed telecommunication applications. This clock technology is now the standard for replacing multiple discrete phase-locked-loop (PLL) components with a single IC, which integrates digital signal processing (DSP) circuitry  and an ultra-low phase noise LC-VCO.

The Silicon Labs proprietary 4th generation DSPLL combines the best of both analog and digital technology. This revolutionary architecture combines an analog low phase noise LC-VCO, a digital PLL architecture, and cutting edge CMOS technology to provide a solution offering higher integration, smaller form factor, lower power, and more robust performance in comparison to conventional cascaded PLL devices. These benefits greatly simplify the design of internet infrastructure equipment, including optical and wired communications, switching, storage, computing systems. Our DSPLL technology is also used in wireless applications, such as small cells, radio heads, point-point radios, and mobile backhaul equipment. 

The diagram below highlights the unique architectural innovation behind the Silicon Labs DSPLL architecture to competing cascaded PLL architectures. The DSPLL approach uses a dual-loop PLL architecture with an inner loop and outer loop to realize a low bandwidth jitter attenuating PLL. 

Silicon Labs’ XOs and VCXOs leverage proven DSPLL technology to eliminate complex manufacturing steps required by traditional SAW and crystal-based solutions while providing any-frequency synthesis and easy customization. The resulting solution provides superior aging, temperature stability and reliability.  Samples of all Silicon Labs standard and custom frequency XO/VCXOs are available with short, 1-2 week lead times.

For frequency control products, our proprietary technology eliminates numerous complex manufacturing steps required to frequency tune traditional SAW and crystal-based implementations by moving the frequency synthesis capability into a high-performance, mixed-signal IC. The Silicon Labs XOs and VCXOs derive frequencies up to 1.4 GHz from a simple, low-frequency resonator and calibrate the output to an initial accuracy of 1 ppb. The use of a low-frequency crystal provides tremendous improvements in aging, temperature stability, and mechanical reliability. 

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