Data Center Applications 

Silicon Labs offers a comprehensive portfolio of clocks and oscillators for data center applications. Our PCIe zero-delay buffers meet PCIe Gen 1/2/3 specifications and feature low-power output driver technology that minimizes power consumption while simplifying PCB design. Our clock generators are highly frequency flexible, generating any combination of frequencies from any input frequency with unparalleled performance and enabling “clock-tree-on-a-chip” BOM consolidation. We also offer ultra-low jitter programmable oscillators customizable to any-frequency, with samples available in less than two weeks.

Recommended Devices 

Product Family Jitter Output Format Example Applications
Si5338/35/34 Any-Frequency Clock Generators 1 ps Differential, Single-Ended NIC cards, NAS, SSD, co-processors
Si5xx XO/VCXOs 0.3 ps Differential, Single-Ended NIC cards, NAS, SSD, co-processors
Si5341/40 Any-Frequency, Low-Jitter Clock Generators 0.13 ps Differential, Single-Ended 10/40/100GbE enterprise, data center switches
Si531xx PCIe Zero-Delay Clock Buffers PCIe Gen 1/2/3 Differential Intel, ARM servers, microservers, storage
Si5214x PCIe Clock Generators PCIe Gen 1/2/3 Differential NIC cards, NAS, SSD, co-processors
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