PCI Express (PCIe) Zero-Delay Buffers

Our PCIe Zero-Delay Buffers provide up to 19-output PCIe Gen3 fanout/zero-delay buffers compliant and qualified to the Intel DB1900Z specification for server, storage and networking applications. The devices feature constant-current mode HCSL outputs, meeting PCIe Gen1/2/3 specifications. We also offer lower output count PCIe Gen3 fanout/zero-delay buffers qualified for the Intel DB800ZL and DB1200ZL specifications. All devices feature low-power, push-pull output driver technology, providing benefits of low-power consumption, reduced external terminating resistors and small packaging. PCIe Zero-Delay Buffers are ideal for server and storage applications in data centers which require a high number of PCI Express clocks.

Clock outputs
Up to 19
Output format

PCIe Zero-Delay Buffer Common Specs

  • Up to 19 PCI Express Gen1/2/3 fanout buffers/zero-delay buffers
  • 12C/SMbus programmable
  • Push-pull HCSL output driver technology
  • Integrated termination resistors
  • Low-power consumption
  • Supports optional LVPECL, LVDS, or CML levels
  • -40 to +85 °C operation
  • Excellent PSRR
  • 100/133 MHz PLL operation, supports PCIe and QPI
  • Individual output enable control
  • Small form factor QFN packaging
  • Intel Qualified - DB1900Z, DB1200ZL, DB800ZL


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