Silicon Labs 32-Bit University Program

In support of individuals, colleges and universities worldwide, Silicon Labs has established the 32-Bit University Program as a complete embedded programming course for mixed-signal MCUs based on the powerful M-Series cores from ARM®. The materials include lectures, development tools, tutorial questions, lab exercises, and associated solutions.


Individuals can approach these well-organized lessons and lab materials at their own pace. Alternatively, if you already have some embedded programming background, you can jump directly to critical information, and find just what you need. Students should direct their questions to the Silicon Labs Community forum where they can get their questions addressed more quickly.

Professors and Educators

Especially valuable for universities trying to establish a low-power microcontroller lab are the multi-unit bundled kit donations. The package typically contains 10 Giant Gecko Starter Kits. Each kit contains everything you need, including debugging, power monitoring (AEM) and peripherals. Professors and educators are encouraged to submit an application for equipment donations. Contact Silicon Labs at for additional program related questions.



The lectures begin from scratch — explaining the basics: what a microcontroller is, what it can be used for, etc. The lectures cover how to compile simple programs to interfacing registers and modules. Each lesson is complete with small exercises with solutions. The series is designed so that each lecture does not depend on the previous lecture, leaving the freedom to pick and choose the lectures that suit your needs.

Silicon Labs Community

We encourage students and professors alike to register at the Silicon Labs Community forum where they can discuss labs and tutorials, share teaching ideas or post files. Just post a question in the new advanced search engine, and see relevant information across the entire forum, including the knowledge base, and community boards. If the information that you need is not already there, you can post your question to get community responses.

Hardware and Software Tools

The Keil MDK-ARM (Microcontroller Development Kit) software tools platform is also available free of charge from ARM to qualifying institutions to support teaching, laboratory work and educational research projects. Faculty requests for these materials should be addressed to

Featured 32-bit Kit: Giant Gecko

Featured Software

Contact our University Relations Team

Silicon Labs is dedicated to making a valuable impact on the university community and is ready to work with you. Professors and educators may contact our team at if you have non-technical topics to discuss. ARM Cortex-M3 University Education Program with EFM32 Gecko from Silicon Labs

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