Data and Voice Modems

Our Si2439/94 ISOmodem® Data + Voice chipsets offer advanced voice processing, in addition to machine-to-machine communications capabilities, making it easy to add telephony features to any embedded system. The on-chip command processor handles all time-critical tasks and allows simple system integration. The product implements a complete PSTN modem and range in speed from 2400 – 56,000 bps and utilizes our patented direct access arrangement (DAA) technology to implement a globally-compliant telephone line interface with unparalleled integration and proven robustness. One hardware design can support all speeds and countries with a single bill of materials (BOM).

Globally Compliant
Up to V.92 Modulation
Si2439 and Si2494
Advanced DSP Voice Processing

Data and Voice Modems Common Specs

  • AT command set
  • ITU-T “V-dot” protocols up to 56 kbps
  • Error correction and data compression
  • Fast-connect protocols for POS
  • Security industry protocols, e.g. “Contact ID” and SIA
  • SMS/MMS support including China
  • DTMF generation and detection
  • General purpose tone detectors
  • Global Caller ID type 1 and type 2 decoding
  • Integrated DAA:
    • Over 6 kV surge immunity
    • On- and off- hook line voltage monitoring
    • Parallel phone (intrusion) detection
    • Over-current detection
  • Advanced voice signal processing
    • Acoustic Echo Cancellation
    • Line Echo Cancellation
    • Limiter for “Soft Clipping”
    • Programmable filtering and pre-emphasis
  • UART, SPI, or parallel host interface
  • Flexible clock options including low-cost 32.768 kHz oscillator
  • Low power; single 3.3 V supply
    • 15 mW in wake-on-ring or wake-on-polarity
    • 56 mW in normal operation
  • Firmware upgradeable
  • EEPROM interface
  • Lead-free, RoHS-compliant packages
  • Commercial or industrial temperature range
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