Si828x Automotive Isolated Gate Drivers

Si828x automotive isolated gate drivers are ideal for driving IGBTs and Silicon Carbide (SiC) devices used in a wide variety of inverter and electri vehicle systems. Si828x devices are isolated, high current gate drivers with integrated system safety and feedback functions. Based on our automotive process and proprietary silicon isolation technology, the drivers support up to 5.0 kV RMS and withstand voltage per UL1577, enabling higher-performance, reduced variation with temperature and age, tighter part-to-part matching, and superior common-mode rejection compared to other isolated gate driver technologies.

The input side is a complementary digital input, with multiple configurations, and digital control and feedback signals. The controller to the device receives information about the driver side power state and fault state and recovers the device from fault through an active-low reset pin. On the output side, Si828x provides separate pull-up and pull-down pins for the gate, and a dedicated DSAT pin quickly detects the desaturation condition and immediately shuts down the driver in a controlled manner. To facilitate a strong turn-off of the power switch, a Miller clamp is integrated. Orderable Si828x options make many additional useful features available. The Si8281/82/83/84 adds an integrated, isolated dc-dc controller, providing a simple method for the isolated power rail necessary for the isolated driver and significantly simplifing layout. Si8286 devices are packaged in a configuration common to many optocoupler-based IGBT drivers.

Desaturation detection
2.7 μs response
Miller Clamp
1Ω impedance
Automotive grade
AEC-Q100 qualification

Common Specs

  • True automotive grade products with automotive qualification, manufacturing, production test, and support 
  • AEC-Q100 qualification
  • PPAP documentation and material listing system support (IMDS, CAMDS)
  • –40 to +125 °C temperature range
  • 4 A IGBT driver
  • System Safety Features
    • DESAT detection
    • FAULT feedback
    • Undervoltage Lock Out (UVLO)
    • Soft shutdown on fault condition
  • Our high-performance isolation technology
    • Industry leading noise immunity
    • High speed, low latency and skew
    • Best reliability available
  • 30 V driver-side supply voltage
  • Integrated Miller clamp
  • Power ready pin
  • Complementary driver control input
  • Integrated dc-dc converter
    • Fully-integrated, secondary sensing, feedback controlled converter with dithering for low EMI
    • dc-dc converter efficiency of 83%
    • dc-dc shutdown, programmable frequency control and soft start
  • Compact packages: 16-pin, 20-pin, and 24-pin Wide-Body SOIC
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