Si822x/3x Isolated Gate Drivers

Si8220/1 isolated gate drivers are "opto-input," package and pin compatible upgrades to HCPL-3120 and other optically-coupled gate drivers. With significant improvements in performance and reliability, these devices can connect to optocoupler external input circuits (e.g., voltage source and series limiting resistor).

Si822x/3x isolated drivers combine two independent, isolated drivers into a single package to create high-side/low-side drivers (Si8230/1/3/4) or dual drivers (Si8232/5). These devices are available with conventional high-side and low-side digital inputs or PWM input control interfaces. The new Si8237 and Si8238 options are capable of operating at 3.0V VDD on input side.

All ISOdrivers offer ultra-fast propagation delays for better timing margins, rock-solid operation over temperature and time, and unparalleled size and cost benefits. Isolation ratings of 1, 2.5, 3.75, and 5.0 kV are available. Driver-to-driver withstand voltage is ±1500 VDC and drivers can be grounded to the same or separate grounds or connected to a floating voltage.

The Si823x family are available in Automotive Grade  These products are built using automotive-specific flows at all steps in the manufacturing process to ensure the robustness and low defectivity required for automotive applications.  Automotive Grade is also supported with PPAP documentation, automotive audit readiness, and more.

NEW - All configurations of our popular Si823x gate drivers are now available in an enhanced basic isolation rating in the same compact SOIC-16 NB packages. These new product options are qualified and certified for a UL 1577 rating of 3.75 kVrms, which addresses customer need for isolation performance while providing a specification margin compared to competitive products.

Peak output current
4 A
Safety feature
Overlap protection

Common Specs

  • Integrated isolator plus dual gate drivers in one package
  • Up to 5 kVrms input-to-output differential voltage isolation
  • Withstands 1500 VDC peak driver-to-driver isolation
  • HS/LS and dual versions
  • Up to 8 MHz switching frequency
  • 0.5 A peak output (Si8230/1/2)
  • 4.0 A peak output (Si8233/4/5)
  • Independent HS and LS 2 wire inputs or single wire PWM input versions
  • Opto input mode (Si822x) with single channel 0.5 A or 2.5 A drivers
  • Common-mode transient immunity >25 kV/μs
  • Overlap protection and programmable dead time (Si8230/1/3/4)
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