Si892x Isolated Amplifier

Si892x is a galvanically isolated analog amplifier ideal for measuring voltage across a current shunt resistor or for any place where a ensor must be isolated from the control system. Si892x amplifiers offer low voltage and differential input while providing higher performance, reduced variation with temperature and age, tighter part-to-part matching, and longer lifetimes compared to other isolation technologies.

Si892x devices use our proprietary isolation technology and have a very low signal delay that allows control systems to respond quickly to fault conditions or changes in load. Low offset and gain drift ensure accuracy is maintained over the entire operating temperature range. Exceptionally high common mode transient immunity enables the Si892x to deliver accurate measurements, even in the presence of high power switching, such as in motor drive system or inverter applications. The amplifiers support up to 5.0 kVrms withstand voltage per UL1577 with a differential analog signal output amplified by either 8.1x or 16.2x.

Common Mode Transient Immunity
75 kV/µs
Low signal delay
0.75 µs

Common Specs

  • Low voltage differential input
    • ±100 mV and ±200 mV options
  • Low signal delay: 0.75 µs
  • Input referred offset: 0.2 mV
  • Gain error: <0.5%
  • Excellent drift specifications
    • 1 µV/°C offset drift
    • 60 ppm/°C gain drift
  • Nonlinearity: 0.1 % full-scale
  • Low noise: 0.10 mVrms over 100 kHz bandwidth
  • High common mode transient immunity: 75 kV/ µs
  • Compact packages:
    • 16-pin wide-body SOIC
    • 8-pin surface mount DIP
  • -40°C to 125°C
  • AEC-Q100


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