Si890x Isolated ADC

Si8900/1/2 isolated monitoring ADCs are utilized as linear signal galvanic isolators, level shifters, and/or ground loop eliminators in many applications, including power-delivery systems and solar inverters. These devices integrate a 10-bit SAR ADC subsystem, supervisory state machine and isolated UART (Si8900), I²C/SMBus port (Si8901) or SPI Port (Si8902) in a single package. Based on our proprietary CMOS isolation technology, ordering options include a choice of 2.5 or 5 kV isolation ratings. All products are safety certified by UL, CSA, and VDE. The Si8900/1/2 devices offer a typical common-mode transient immunity performance of 45 kV/μs for robust performance in noisy and high-voltage environments. Si8900/1/2 ADCs are available in 16-pin SOIC wide-body packages.

Host Interface
Integrated SAR ADC
3 channel 10-bit

Common Specs

  •  Integrated 10-bit ADC
    • 3 input channels
    • 10-bit resolution
    • 2 μs conversion time
  • Isolated serial I/O port
    • UART (Si8900)
    • I²C/SMBus (Si8901)
    • 2.5 MHz SPI port (Si8902)
  • Transient immunity: 45 kV/μs (typ)
  • Temperature range: –40 to +85 °C
  • >60-year life at rated working voltage
  • CSA component notice 5 A approval
    • IEC 60950, 61010, 60601
    • VDE/IEC 60747-5-2
    • UL1577 recognized
    • Up to 5 kV rms for 1 minute


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