Si834x Isolated Smart Switch

Si834x devices provide four isolated high- or low-side switches with low "ON" state switch resistance. Si834x switches are ideal for driving resistive and inductive loads including solenoids, relays, and lamps commonly found in industrial control systems such as programmable logic controllers (PLC). Each switch is galvanically isolated for safety using our groundbreaking CMOS based isolation technology.

 Si834x switches are extremely robust and flexible load drivers and are capable of providing up to .5 A of IEC61131-2 compliant continuous current in a quad channel configuration. Each switch can detect an open circuit condition and is protected against over-current, over-voltage from demagnetization (inductive kick or flyback voltage), and over-temperature conditions. An innovative multi-voltage smart clamp is used to efficiently handle an unlimited amount of demagnetization energy (EAS). The Si834xx over-current protection includes an innovative inrush current mode on select products, allowing the switch to drive challenging loads such as lamps and DC motors. Additionally, the device power supplies are monitored, and the switches are safely constrained or shutdown if a fault is detected. View the current datasheet errata

Demagnetization energy (EAS)
8 Joules
Diagnostic reports

Common Specs

  • High-side or low-side switch
  • Logic Supply: 2.25 V – 5.5 V
  • Switch Supply: 9 V – 32 V
  • Fast (10 μs) update rate
  • High continuous current & low RON
    • 4 channels: 700 mA (145 mΩ)
  • Unique multi-voltage output clamp
    • Unlimited demagnetization (EAS)
    • Efficient and fast turn-off
  • Inrush current mode: 7 A for 20 ms
  • Current-limited overload protection
  • Over-temperature protection
  • Undervoltage protected supplies
  • Up to 8 different diagnostics
    • Multiple power supply reports
    • Over-current, over-temperature
    • Open-circuit warning
    • Communication error
  • Channel status indicators
  • Dedicated fault indicator
  • Disable outputs asynchronously
  • Control 128 channels via SPI
  • 1.5 kVrms safety rated isolation
  • Transient immunity > 100 kV/μs
  • Compliant to IEC 61131-2
  • Compact 9 x 9 DFN-32 package
  • 5 kV ESD Protection
  • -40 – 125 ˚C operating temperature
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