Si86xxT Digital Isolators

Si86xxT devices are multi-channel digital isolators based on our proprietary capacitive isolation technology, enabling low propagation delay and skew, low emissions, high noise immunity, high reliability, and long lifetime.  

Ranging from dual channel to quad channel, Si86xxT isolators are available in wide body packages to accommodate the higher isolation rating associated with these products. The high voltage isolation barrier has been enhanced to withstand 10 kV surges safely. All of our products are pin-to-pin compatible with Si86xx devices, as well as other digital isolator products available today.

Isolation Rating
5 kVrms with 10 kV surge
Data rate
DC to 150 Mbps

Common Specs

  • 10 kV surge immunity
  • Reinforced isolation certification
    • Reinforced VDE 0884-10
  • Up to 4 channels of 5 kV isolation
  • Low propagation delays (10 ns) and skew (1 ns)
  • High CMTI of 100 kV/µs


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