MSRP $49.99

UVIrSlider2EK Ultraviolet and Touchless Slider Optical Sensor Evaluation Kit

The Si1132 and Si114x Ultraviolet and Infrared Slider evaluation kit is an advanced development platform for the Si114x UV Index, infrared proximity and ambient light sensors that contains our patent-pending infrared touchless slider technique. Controlled by an advanced C8051F800 ultra low-power microcontroller (MCU), the UVIrSlider2EK contains a Si1146 sensor connected to two IR-LEDs. This innovative platform allows for advanced 2D/2-axis touchless gesture detection as well as general-purpose object proximity detection. In addition, the Si1146 sensor on the IrSlider2EK contains an integrated ambient light sensor and a UV Index sensor.

The UVIrSlider2EK is pre-configured with firmware that will measure the UV Index and illuminate 5 LEDs on the board to indicate a real-time 5 level consumer UV Index exposure level. The downloadable UVIrSlider demo software includes a GUI that displays both the full 11 point UV Index and the consumer 5 level sun exposure.

Selecting the IRSLIDER demo tracks the movement of your hand over the 8 LEDs on the board using proximity to sense the position of your hand. The IRSLIDER demo can detect left, right, and pause hand gestures to blink or hold lights. The UDP Waveform Viewer allows users to see real-time infrared proximity and ambient light measurements from the Si1146 in a graphical form.

Development of advanced motion and gesture sensing is assisted by the Si114x Programmer’s Toolkit API, which allows for development of software to control the UVIrSlider2EK from a PC. Sample source code for the UVIrSlider2EK is provided with the Si114x Programmer’s Toolkit to enable rapid application development. The Si114x Programmer’s Toolkit also contains our powerful Control Panel and Performance Analysis Tool for real-time reflectivity monitoring with the UVIrSlider2EK.

MSRP $49.99


Kit Contents

  • UVIrSlider2-EB demonstration board
  • USB cable
  • UVIrSlider2EK Quick Start Guide

Step 1: Get Started with the User's Guide

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