MSRP $165.41

Sensorless BLDC Motor Reference Design

The Sensorless BLDC Motor Reference Design illustrates how to use the 5 mm x 5 mm C8051F310 microcontroller for high-performance sensorless BLDC motor applications. This reference design can also be used as a platform for motor code development. The firmware (AN208SW) demonstrates sensorless brushless DC motor control and measures motor position without the use of position sensors.

MSRP $165.41


The SLBLDC-MTR-RD includes:

  • Sensorless BLDC Reference Design Board
  • BLDC motor
  • Power supply cables
  • USB debug adapter

The SLBLDC-MTR-RD Download Package includes:

  • Silicon Labs' 8-bit Microcontroller Software Tools
  • Reference design source code
  • Reference design documentation
  • Sensorless BLDC Motor Reference Design User's Guide
  • Sensorless BLDC Motor RD Quick-Start Guide

Step 1: Download 8-bit Microcontroller Studio

These tools help develop, download, and debug firmware to the 8051/EFM8 8-bit MCU devices. Now includes an unlimited Keil® PK51 Professional Developer's Kit! 

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