MSRP $68.11

CP2108 Microcontroller Development Kit

The CP2108 is a highly integrated USB-to-Quad-UART Bridge Controller providing a simple solution for updating RS-232/RS-485 designs to USB using a minimum of components and PCB space. The CP2108 includes a USB 2.0 full-speed function controller, USB transceiver, oscillator, EEPROM and four asynchronous serial data buses (UART) with full modem control signals in a compact 9 mm x 9 mm QFN64 package.

MSRP $68.11


CP2108 Development Kit Features

  • CP2108 evaluation board
  • (4) RS-232 serial cables
  • USB cable
  • Quick start guide

Step 1: Get Started with the Quick Start Guide

The Direct Access Drivers are also available and provide a complete host and device software solution for interfacing CP210x USB to UART bridge

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