Si472x FM Radio Transceivers

Si472x devices are the industry's first single-chip FM radio transceivers. With unrivaled integration and performance, Si472x ICs enable an FM receiver and transmitter to be added to any portable device by using a single chip.  Featuring industry-leading size, performance, low-power consumption, and ease of use, Si472x devices offer full FM receiver and transmit capabilities in a single, ultra-small 3 mm x 3mm x 0.55 mm QFN package.

Package as small as
3mm x 3mm
Full FM receiver and transmit

Common Specs

  • Worldwide FM receive band support (76–108 MHz)
  • Worldwide FM transmit compliance (76–108 MHz)
  • Digital audio out for FM record (Si4721)
  • Digital audio in for FM transmit (Si4721)
  • RDS/RBDS encoder and decoder (Si4721)
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